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An Electronic Desk Spike?

An Electronic Desk Spike?

You know, a desk spike… the metal spike on a desk that you impale papers on to keep them handy and in place.

(Granted, I never used one for two reasons. First, the idea of having a hole in the middle of a page doesn’t sit well with me. And second, between my lack of coordination and my bad luck I’d probably put the thing right through my hand.)

At any rate… the spike we’re going to discuss today is in MS Word—no impaled hand possible.

So, now that we know this one won’t require any medical insurance, the next question becomes: what is a spike in MS Word?

Actually, according to the MS Office Assistant, a spike is “a special AutoText entry that stores multiple items that you’ve deleted.”

The spike is good when you have nonadjacent items that you wish to put together and paste somewhere else. Word appends one item to another until you paste the contents as a group in a new location in your document.

For example—if you have several documents that you need to merge you could use the spike to cut the pieces together in their new order then paste them into the new document.

No good luck required!