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An Introduction To Facebook Questions

Do you know that Facebook has recently launched a “Questions” feature which can be used to ask questions to all or specific Facebook friends of your choice?

Facebook Questions is designed in such a way that you can get answers from any Facebook user, without having to ask the same question to each of your friends separately. So if you’re planning a holiday trip or need advice on buying a product from Amazon.com, it might be a good idea to ask a question on Facebook and see the reaction of your Facebook friends.

In this short tutorial, we will explore Facebook questions and see how this feature can be put to good use.

How to Ask a Question To Your Facebook Friends

On your Facebook news feed or profile page, click the Questions link and type your question in the text area, as shown in the following illustration:

Once you have typed your question, you have two options:

Adding poll options to your question makes your question more attractive and users find it easy to interact and answer your question. However, you can always skip the poll options feature, if you want to get individual answers from users without letting them get biased by seeing votes of other users.

Asking facebook Questions- choosing options

You can add as many poll options as you want –  there aren’t any limitations as such. When you’re done, you might also want to check the selection “Allow anyone to add options”. Selecting this option will allow users to add their own answers, in case they are not happy with the default choices provided by you.

That’s it, now hit the “Ask Question” button and the question will be posted over your Facebook profile.

Now your friends can see your question when they land on your Facebook profile or check their own news feed. They may cast votes, type their own answers and share the question on their profile. This is a very unique way to gather feedback, suggestions and ideas from your social circle and see what your friends are suggesting, when you are in doubt or need help.

You can also directly forward the question to specific Facebook friends by clicking the “Ask friends” button at the bottom of the question and typing the name of your friend in the corresponding browser overlay window.

Try Facebook questions today, and don’t forget to answer questions of your friends too. It should ideally be a two way channel, you get help from your social circle and in return, you help your friends with the problems they are having.

~Amit Banerjee