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An Optical Illusion

I adore optical illusions, which you may have noticed from the sites I’ve shared in the past. Well, I found an awesome site dedicated to optical illusions that I couldn’t wait to share with you. I really liked it because it isn’t just same optical illusions that you’re used to seeing, but modern interpretations of illusion that will have your jaw dropping!

The site is easy to navigate because it is set up blog-style, so just scroll down the page and prepare to be wowed. You can also use the Older Posts link at the bottom of the page to see the previous entries.

Each entry offers background on the illusion being featured as well as an example of it. They also often include links to where you can see more of that type of illusion, or to previous entries of the same kind of illusion.

I really loved the most recent post when I was there. It was the Lego Terracotta Army – a sidewalk chalk drawing of Lego people as the famous Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang. It probably helps that I’ve been obsessed with sidewalk chalk since I was a little kid (and then seeing Mary Poppins) didn’t help matters any. I also loved the video of the Checker Shadow Illusion, and the Fact/Fiction Ambigram (I saw Faction at first). The Terrace by David MacDonald was also really well done.

My suggestion is to just dive in and start going through the illusions; but take a break if your eyes start to hurt. Some of the black and white or black and bright yellow ones hurt my eyes after a long viewing.

This is an awesome site dedicated to optical illusions, go check it out!

http://www.anopticalillusion.com/ [1]