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Analyze Filtered Data

Analyze Filtered Data

So, you like to use MS Excel’s AutoFilter to take a look at your data?

Ever find yourself thinking that it would be nice to see the filtered data as a graphic?

Did you try it?

Yes, you can start the Chart Wizard and create a chart of the filtered data to truly “see” what the data has to show you.

But, did you know that the single chart you created can be used over and over again for analysis, each time you filter?

That’s right! When you get ready to change the filter, don’t even think about deleting that chart. Just simply start over once you finish filtering again!

Simply leave the chart open and keep your eye on it as you adjust your filter.

Did you see it?

As you changed the filter, the chart changes too. This always gives you the best possible picture of your data for analysis. You can’t complain about that!

~ April