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Ancient Mexico

Welcome to Ancient Mexico where you can learn about the history, art, and culture of Mesoamerica.

Check out the Map section to see what the Pre-Columbian Mexico was like. To view the different cities click on their names and you will be taken to their page. You will learn city specific information from that time period. My favorite city is Copan, near the bottom of the map. I liked the pictures of the Ball Court, Jaguar Stairway, Tribune of Spectators, as well as the altar sites. You get a good snippet of history for that place too!

Gods — what gods did the ancient Mexicans worship? Well this site goes into the Maya Pantheon and you click on their name or their picture to view information on these ancient deities.

Conquest — this section goes into the conquest of Mexico and the fall of the Aztec empire. This section was a very interesting read that was easy to follow and not so long that you’d get bored wading through it.

Timeline — the timeline shows the different eras of Mexican culture, as well as locations.

Documents — here you can read historical documents from Mexico there are five in total, and they are all on different subjects.

On the front page if you scroll down you can also find interesting articles on things in the news about Ancient Mexico. The most interesting to me was the Yarn Paintings news item.

So, travel back in time and discover the rich history of Mexico.

http://www.ancientmexico.com/ [1]