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Ancient Olympic Games

An Olympic summer is always interesting – although this year you couldn’t look anywhere online without having the results spoiled before you saw the competitions aired on TV. Despite that, I really enjoyed the Olympics, but rather than focus on what happened, I though I’d find a site that takes a look at the ancient origins of the games instead. 

Navigation is divided up among the following tabs:

History – this is the default tab, where you will learn about the ancient origins of the Olympic games. 

Mythology – this tab takes a look at the mythological aspect of the creation of the Olympic games. It features Zeus, Hera, Athena and Apollo. 

The Athlete – here you’ll learn about the famous participants of the games from ancient times as well as discover what the criteria was for participating in the Olympics. 

The Sports Events – this section covers the traditional sports covered in the ancient Olympics. They are the Pentathlon, Running/Jumping/Discus Throw, Wrestling, Boxing, Pankration, and Equestrian Events. Check this tab out to learn more about each event. 

When you arrive at the site a featured video will play automatically that explains the history of the games in a cartoon. The video is roughly seven minutes long and well worth the watch. You’ll also find a listing of all the medal winners dating back to 1896 – click it and it will take you to a search form that lets you search by Athlete Name, Olympic Game, Sports, Gender, Classification, Country, Medal Count/Color, and World or Olympic Record. Another featured section is Museum Treasures where you can check out antique Olympic art pieces and artifacts.

This site provides an excellent look into the history of the Olympic Games. Check it out today! 

http://www.olympic.org/ancient-olympic-games [1]