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I found this site while looking for ways to help inspire my sister. She is on the precipice of making some very hard life decisions. Should she continue working where she is employed now? Should she look for a different, more fulfilling job? Should she go back to school and get a degree in something she is passionate about? These are all questions that only she can answer for herself, but she asked me if I knew of any websites that would help her know how to answer those questions for herself.

She was looking for tools to use to help make the decisions, so I started looking on the web and ran across an article on this site: 25 Ideas to Help You Live on Purpose [1]. I linked it to her over Facebook and she told me that was just the sort of thing she needed. Even if she were to just pick one of the things of the list like goal setting, or really sits down and thinks about the answers to the questions #21-22 ask, she’ll be in a better place organizationally than she was before.

This site offers inspiration to live intentionally, be creative, and really see the beauty of the world around you. Navigation is very straightforward – there is a featured section that rotates through whichever articles are being featured currently and beneath that you have the article listing and you use the next button to navigate to past articles. There is also categorical navigation at the top of the page if you rather that will help you navigate back to the home page, find the site author’s contact information, and check out the archives.

This site is full of inspiration that you can take in and use to change your life. Even if you only pick one thing, for example, I am going to try to think more positively.

http://andhedrew.com/ [2]