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Android App Shortcuts

Andy asks:

There are a couple of apps that came installed on my Android phone that I use regularly, and I’d like quick access to them. Is there an easy way to set that up?

Thanks for the question Andy and, yes there is. Apps installed from the Android market generally create a home screen shortcut. But, whether using pre-installed or downloaded apps for which shortcuts are not created, when you find yourself returning to the same one frequently, it’s easier to get at it from a shortcut on the home screen.

To create a shortcut, open the app launcher (displayed in the Android 4.0 Favorites Tray [1] below).


In the apps launcher, select and long press (touch and hold) a frequently used app and drag it to the home screen.



If you accidentally drag the wrong app to the screen—or if you later decide that the shortcut is unnecessary–long press the shortcut and drag it to the trash.


This drag and drop method also works for customizing home screens, enabling better organization of similar apps.