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Android Automatic App Updates Part 2

The article, Android Automatic App Updates [1], brought the following response from Murray.

I do not have an option for settings in Google Play. There is only a search option. My phone is currently running Android version 2.3.6 under Bell Canada. How would I make this change under this operating system?


Murray, while this may be related to Bell Canada service, I suspect that the issue is the location of the menu button on your phone. My phone (version 4.0) has an onscreen menu button, which was pictured in the original article, but the one for the version 2.3.6 phone displayed here is located at the left, below the screen.


In that version, once at the App Store (Google play), I was able to just click the menu button to bring up Settings.


In Settings–just as it appeared in the earlier article–the Auto-update and Update over Wi-Fi only boxes can be checked.

So, once at Google play [2], the phone’s menu button should offer the options described here. Unfortunately, with a nearly unlimited number of Android versions and manufacturers, it’s hard to say just where that button might be.

Thanks for the question, Murray.