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Android Battery Drain

Terry from Sarasota, FL writes:

Read the article about the iPhone battery drain. Is this also true for the Androids,any different features pulling juice from the battery?

Hi Terry,

Many of the tips from the battery article for iPhone [1] are also applicable and true to Android phones. You can always check what is using your battery by going to your phone’s system settings (usually by clicking on the icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines) and tapping on About Phone (usually at the bottom of the screen).

Then click on Battery and then Battery Use. On my phone, which is fairly new, I get a graph that shows the recent usage, and also a list of all the things that have been using the battery. If you notice a certain application that is taking up a lot of battery power, you may want to remove the app or if not, at least keep in mind that it will drain your battery each time you use it.

The location services of apps will drain an Android phone’s battery just like it would on an iPhone. You can turn them all off by turning off the location services completely, similar to the iPhone’s settings. On my phone, it was under System Settings and Location, and I could turn the option off completely.

Another possible culprit to your reduced battery life is the screen settings – how bright it is, how long it stays on, and other options. You can change all this in the Display settings of your phone.

Lower the brightness or allow it to auto adjust, reduce the length of screen timeout, and even turn off notifications and notification LEDs, if there are any, and your battery will last a bit longer.

Finally, as with the iPhone, constantly searching for a signal will lower the battery life as well, so if you are in an area with spotty reception, you may want to turn your WiFi off or go to Airplane mode. Also, you can keep the battery life lasting longer by turning off Bluetooth until you need to use it.