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Android – Clear App Defaults

So, you just tapped a link in your friend’s Facebook feed, and now your Android is asking you which app to use by default – YouTube, Chrome, or the built-in web browser.

Always?! Once!? What a decision! I mean, any one of these options should work (in one way or another), but what if you select “Always” and change your mind later? What if you don’t want the built-in Android Internet browser to open all the YouTube links? What if you want to just use YouTube?

What then? 

Simple – you reset your app defaults, so you get asked which app to use again!

It’s easy!

Tap Settings>Application Manager – and tap on the app you want to reset the defaults for. I chose YouTube.

Once in the App info screen, scroll down until you see the Clear Defaults button and tap it.

Boom! Now anything that regularly opens the YouTube app will once again ask you which app you’d like to use… at least until you choose “Always” and select it as the default app again.