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Android Easter Egg

As often happens when exploring the ADHD-friendly web, I recently discovered one thing…while looking for another. Apparently, the Easter eggs [1] that Google is known for planting in their search engine and email can also be unearthed in some Android devices. A little digital archeology in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) reveals the one below.

In Settings, scroll down and tap About phone.


In About phone, frantic tapping of the Android version will bring Andy the Android–in ice cream sandwich attire–to the home screen.



Press and hold Andy’s image, and it will enlarge, fill the screen…


…and explode into multiple Andys, flying amongst glittering stars.


Note: Following the same steps in some (but not all) earlier Android phones uncovers a different Easter egg.

Maybe time should be used more prudently; not frittered away on nonsensical pursuits like digital Easter eggs. However, since other time-saving WorldStart tips have freed us from so many wasted hours, why not enjoy a few minutes of harmless diversion?