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Android How-To: Calendar

Ever wondered what Android’s Calendar is and just how to use it? Android by Google, is now the number one portable electronics operating system. At WorldStart, we always keep our readers updated on the latest and most popular tech, so we’ll be doing a multi-week series on how to use Android. If you don’t own an Android device yet, it’s still worth reading. Google gives away the source code to Android. That means it’s showing up on more devices every day.

Part 7: Calendar

The integrated calendar is a powerful program which will let you organize your hectic life. Everything from simple appointment tracking to daily agendas to guest tracking is supported. So, how do you use these features? To begin tap on the calendar icon in your apps list. Below you’ll see an image of the interface with a list of the various buttons.

  1. View Button: Toggle the calendar view from Day, Week, Month and Agenda.
  2. Today Button: Brings you back to the current day.
  3. Add Event Button: Adds an event or appointment to your calendar.
  4. Settings Button: Allows you to refresh, search and change advanced settings.
  5. Days: Allows you to double tap on a day to add an appointment to that day.
  6. Calendar Selector: Listing of all your calendar accounts setup in calendar. You can add more accounts which support CalDAV or calendar synching in settings > add account.

To add an appointment, begin by tapping the Add Event button or by double tapping a specific day. Several fields will appear, allowing you enter in the name of the event, location, time, guest lists and description. You can choose to add it as a repeating event and set up reminders. You are only required to enter in a name and a time, but you can fill in as many fields as you like. If you have multiple calendars set up, you can also select which calender you wish to add the appointment to. Once you’re done filling in the fields, tap Done. If you want to cancel adding the appointment, pick Cancel.

Once you’ve added an appointment, it will appear on your calendar on the date you selected. You can tap on the appointment to see a quick view of the appointment information. You can tap the pencil button to edit the appointment details or tap the trash can button to delete the appointment. You can quickly add reminders to the appointment (sound alerts or e-mails if your device is connected to the Internet) by selecting Add Reminder.

The agenda view is my favorite area of Android Calendar, as it shows your upcoming appointments for the next few months. To access it, tap on the View button and tap Agenda. You will see your upcoming appointments listed on the left. You can click any of them to see more details. You can touch the options to view appointments in the past and appointments further than a few months in the future.

The final screen to know is the settings screen. On the left side of the screen you can select from general settings or choose an account you already have set up with a calendar. Calendar supports syncing Exchange corporate calendars and Gmail calendars. You can add your accounts by tapping Add Accountm choosing your calendar type and entering your account details.

~ Tim

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