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Android How-To: E-Mail Setup

We’ve had a lot of questions recently about setting up e-mail on an Android tablet. Not a surprise since Android by Google, is now the number one portable electronics operating system. At WorldStart, we always keep our readers updated on the latest and most popular tech, so we’ll be doing a multi-week series on how to use Android. If you don’t own an Android device yet, it’s still worth reading. Google gives away the source code to Android. That means it’s showing up on more devices every day.

Part 3: Androids  E-Mail Setup

To begin, open your Apps menu and click on Email. You will be prompted to type in your e-mail address in the Email address field and your password in the Password field. When you’re finished, press next. If your e-mail providers server settings are already known, your server settings will automatically be configured.

If the provider is not known, you’ll be prompted to select what type of account you have, POP3, IMAP or Exchange. Consult your e-mail provider for e-mail client set-up instructions. Tap on the server type from the list.

Now, you’ll need to fill out your Incoming server settings. Type the required information in each field, using your e-mail provider’s instruction sheet. You’ll need the incoming server address, your username (often this is your e-mail address) and port numbers. You may also have to fill in a security field. Tap next when done filling out the information.

Next, we tackle the outgoing mail server information. Again, you’ll type in the information for each field from your e-mail provider’s instruction sheet. You’ll need the outgoing server address, your username (often this is your e-mail address), the port numbers and the security requirements and type. Tap next when done filling out the information.

The Account options screen will now appear. Select how often you want to check mail from this box (the shorter the time, the more battery life the tablet will use checking e-mails. 30 minutes is a good compromise, if you can wait.) If you’d like this to be your default e-mail account, tap send e-mail from this account by default. Tap Next to continue.

Finally, type in a name for this e-mail account that you can easily identify it in the account name field. Tap on the Your name field to type in the name people will see when you send messages. Tap next to continue.

Your e-mail setup is now complete and your e-mail should automatically download. You can view an e-mail by tapping on it. You can create a new message by pressing the new Envelope+ icon. You can manually check e-mail at any time by pressing the Refresh button in the upper right-hand corner. You can add multiple accounts by tapping Settings in the upper right hand corner and tapping Add Account.