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Android Text Response

With Android 4.0, a new feature was introduced that provides an option to personally respond to an inconvenient phone call. Now, along with the choices available in earlier Android versions–answering calls directly, or sending them to voice mail–calls can also be replied to quickly with a text response. Fortunately, if your Android phone isn’t built on the 4.0 operating system, recent updates may still include this feature.

As it was in earlier versions, to speak to the caller, just slide the white receiver icon to the green receiver.


To send the call to voice mail, slide to the red receiver.


To send a quick text reply, simply slide to the message icon.


There, you can either make a selection from a list of canned responses, or write your own message (tapping Custom message will open Messaging).


To prepare a personal text response in advance, choose and edit one from the list. To find these messages–from the phone app–press the Menu icon, and select Settings.


In Call settings, tap Quick responses.


In Edit quick responses, choose one…


…and create your own personalized response.


Since I use my phone more for a web portal than a social instrument (not by design, but lack of popularity), I have yet to make use of this feature. But, it sure sounds cool….maybe some day.