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Android To Windows 8?

Peter from KY writes:

If you have a tablet running Android can you upgrade it to Windows 8 and if you can’t, why not? I have never seen upgrade software for Android, Is that possible?

With the release of Windows RT you may be thinking, why not upgrade your Android device to Windows 8? Coincidentally, the manufacturers of many Android tablets are thinking the same thing and offering Windows 8 versions of their tablets this holiday season. Popular among them is the Asus Vivo Tab [1] and Samsung ATIV [2].

So can you upgrade your existing android device to Windows 8? Sadly, no – Windows RT is not for sale directly to consumers, and the nature of devices like tablets require special software to program and install the operating system on them. The software also has to be “signed” (or accepted by the hardware system) and have all the necessary drives setup for the tablet to function correctly. 

So, will the hacker community offer custom Windows 8 RT installs for some tablets? It’s possible, but you’ll probably be better off eBaying your existing Android tablet and purchasing a tablet designed for Windows 8. The new Cortex A15 series chips offer significant performance increases over older A9 designs, and should be coming out in the next few months. By early 2013 you will also start seeing Intel Atom powered Windows 8 Pro tablets, which run the full version of windows 8.