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Angel Guardian Orphanage

I was really very touched when a reader sent me the link to this site to help get the word out to alumni of the Angel Guardian Orphanage in Chicago, IL. So I went to the site to check it out, and it looks like a fantastic resource for these alumni to reconnect. I feel I have to share it with all of you, because if it helps one person reconnect then it is completely worth it.

Also, I found the history provided on the main page to be very interesting. I also found it interesting that the building is still used for helping children and adults with developmental disabilities.

To enter the site click, the Enter the Halls of A.G.O. button. This will whisk you into the heart of the site where you will find the message board for communication, alumni web sites, photos, memories and more.

So if you’re an alumni of Angel Guardian Orphanage, or a friend or family member was, check it out today, and get reconnected with other alumni today.

http://www.angelguardianorphanage.com/ [1]