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Another Quick Fix For The Eyes

Another Quick Fix For The Eyes

Tired of squinting when you read your email? Maybe someone sent you something that’s just too difficult to read “as is”.

Looking for a quick way to make the font larger without making the change permanent?

Let’s tap into yesterdays mouse scroll wheel technique to get this job done.

In MS Outlook, as well as Outlook Express, you will be happy to find that the Ctrl key combined with the scroll wheel will enlarge (and shrink) the email text that you’re trying to read.

All you need to do is to place your mouse pointer over the email body, hold down the Ctrl key and spin the wheel. (Sounds a bit like a game show doesn’t it? Too bad the only prize is happier eyes…)

Almost as a bonus, you’ll find that it works with both in the Preview Pane and in the email when fully opened.

I feel that I must warn you – this works on the text of the email you received, not the pictures. You will find that pictures stay as sent. This means that if the text you’re trying to enlarge is a part of a picture in the email then you’re out of luck – this won’t do the trick.

You’ve just entered the no squinting zone. Isn’t it nice to read in comfort?

~ April