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Another Side of IE 7

Another Side of IE 7

WorldStart has already written a number of articles about Microsoft’s new Web browser of Internet Explorer 7 and I would endorse their views that it is worth taking a look at. It demonstrates a lot of new features (including that of tabbed browsing, which was so sadly lacking in earlier versions) and it has addressed the growing security concerns over its predecessors.

But, have you seen the range of add ons that you can get with the new browser? It’s amazing really. There’s a whole plethora of utilities and “toys” that you can play with for hours!

You may have seen the following screen when you installed IE 7, but if not, you can access it here.

This is what you’ll see once you get there:

As is apparent, you have add ons under a variety of categories, including Security, Time Savers, Browsers and Entertainment.

I’m just going to give you a quick overview of some of the features and then let you browse to your heart’s content until you find something you can use. And believe me, it shouldn’t take you too long to do just that!

For instance, go ahead and click on Other Browsers and then click the Freeware Only checkbox. Wait for a few seconds for the screen to refresh and then you will see a screen like the one below . You will then be able to choose from a wide range of browsers that actually “sit on top of” IE 7 to give you additional features. And best of all? It’s all free!

Or what about some Business Tools freeware? Have a look at this:

Do you see something you fancy there? That auction tool looks good and so does that Amazon browser!

Or what about a download manager? See what you can get for free here:

It’s almost like add ons to the infinity!

So, go ahead and spend some time browsing through these useful add ons. You’ll quickly increase your online enjoyment with IE 7. I guarantee it!

~ David Woodford