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Another View

Another View

Do you have MS Word 2003?

Ever notice that Word documents attached to an e-mail are automatically opened in a new view? (The Reading Layout view to be exact).

I’m betting that a few questions regarding this view come to mind when it’s initially encountered. My first thought was, “Now, what is this”? and the second thing I began to wonder is what to do if I didn’t want my documents opened in this layout.

Let’s first address the “what is it” question.

The Reading Layout is used when you primarily need to read a document on screen. The layout optimizes your ability to read on screen with a larger font size and a book like two page display.

This layout does not represent what the printed document will look like. It’s simply a tool to increase on screen legibility.

I found that Word automatically opened e-mail attachments in this view. That’s a great idea if you simply want to read the attachments, but what about people who receive a lot of attached files that are not primarily for reading? It’s a bit of a pain to continually switch out of this layout. Can we prevent this layout switch just for e-mail attachments?

The answer of course, is yes, so let’s take a look at changing this setting.

We need the Options window (Tools menu, Options choice).

On the General tab, we need to locate the “Allow starting in Reading Layout” option.

Uncheck the box and click OK.

Voila! While you can still use the Reading Layout when you specifically switch to that view, Word will no longer automatically make the switch for you!

~ April