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Another Vista Update

Do you have any more news on whether or not we should give in to Windows Vista yet? Just wondering if you’ve received word on any updates.

As a matter of fact we have! As you all probably know by now, Windows Vista was finally released on January 30, 2007! So, now this question remains: Should you go out right now and buy Windows Vista? Well, my recommendation is to wait a few months, but let’s take a look at both sides of the story.

One of the benefits is all the features, including the increased security to prevent hackers from entering your computer system. Microsoft claims that Windows Vista is the most secure operating system they have ever made. (On the other hand though, I have never heard of a virus for Windows 1.0, but that’s beside the point!) Windows Vista also introduces a totally new look and interface, which many say looks a lot like Apple’s Mac OS X. Microsoft also sped up finding files and information in Vista by introducing a totally new search application, which can find your files faster and better than Windows XP.

Now, although there are many good features in Windows Vista, there are some “not so good” ones as well. Mighty system requirements have prevented many people from upgrading to Windows Vista. In order to run Windows Vista, your computer has to be at least nine to 10 months new. Some of the features in Vista can be found in Windows XP. They just show up with the new Windows Vista interface. If you do a lot of downloading online, Windows Vista may not be the operating system for you. Microsoft has introduced a Digital Rights Management program, which will prevent people from making illegal copies of software, music and videos.

Those are just some of the ups and downs of Windows Vista.

In the end, I would say that it’s a good idea to wait a few more months before you buy Vista to see what really happens with it. Now, if you have the chance to get the Windows Vista Express Upgrade CD, I say go ahead and order it, but just keep it on the down low for a few months. If Windows Vista is something you want to use, then go ahead and install it and add all the available updates. Also, if you are buying a computer now, I would recommend that you ask to have Windows XP installed on it and just ask for the Windows Vista Express Upgrade CD. The Windows Vista Express Upgrade program expires in late March, so you still have some time to make a decision.

~ Jack William

P.S. – Just in case you’re wondering where we got this information from, Jack William is a computer professional for Baytech Solutions, which is a Microsoft partner and IBM business partner. He has worked with almost every version of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 1.0 and all the way to Windows Vista. If that’s not reputable, I don’t know what is!