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Can you tell me anything about answerpool.com? I saw something about it online the other day, but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. Any information would be appreciated.

Great question! If you were an avid user of Google Answers (which has been gone for awhile now), this may be the best replacement for you. Just in case you’re not sure, Google Answers was a question and answer type Web site where you could ask a question and a panel of experts would answer it for you. The only catch was that you had to pay for your answers. Well, AnswerPool is here to take that stereotype away from these kinds of sites.

AnswerPool is a free Web site that runs mostly like a message board. (Now, don’t forget, WorldStart has a great message board when you have a computer problem, but this site will help you with an even wider variety of topics). The topics you can ask questions about range from recipes to entertainment to health to pets to money and even homework help (in case you have kids or grandkids). And that’s just a few of them. How cool is that?!

If you think you’re interested in checking this site out a little more, head to www.answerpool.com. Once you get there, you can check things out by browsing around a little. When you’re completely convinced you’d like to be a part of this site, click on the Login/Join link in the top right hand corner, right above the Last Post Time box.

To join, click the option that says “I am not registered on AnswerPool.com” and then hit the Continue button. You will then be taken through the registration process. First, you must agree to their terms of service (which you can read by clicking on the Terms of Service link) and give them your birth date. When you’re done with that, click Continue. You will then need to enter in such information as a username and password, your e-mail address, etc. Not all of that information is required, so if you don’t want to fill some of it in, skip it. Just fill in what has an asterisk ( * ) sign next to it. When you’re all done with everything, click Submit.

You will then be asked to go check your e-mail and verify your address again. Just click on the link in the e-mail they sent you and you’ll be all set. You will then be an official member of AnswerPool and you can start using their services to the full extent. Once you’re back on the homepage, you will see all of the categories listed. The first one you’ll probably want to look at is the second one, called Member Information Center. This will give you site rules, a link to the information desk, etc.

When you’re all set, you can then go and ask a question. Maybe you have a sports question about the SuperBowl. Go under the Sports and Recreation section and ask away! Or maybe you’re planning a spring vacation and you have a question about your destination. Go to the Travel area and ask there. The options are literally endless with AnswerPool. Once you find a place where you would like to ask a question, click on the Post link and then the Discussion link. That will bring up a new window where you can give your question a title and then type out what you want to ask. When you’re finished, click Post Now.

You can then just wait for the other members of AnswerPool to answer you. You can either go back to where you posted your question to see your answers or you can set up your own delivery preferences. To do that, click on the Notify link and fill in how you would like to be notified. You can have them sent to your e-mail, etc. They’re all very convenient for getting an answer back as fast as possible. When you figure out how everything works, feel free to post as many questions as you’d like. After all, that’s what it’s there for!

Now, if you don’t want to join AnswerPool and you would just like to view some of the questions and answers that have already been posted, you can do so just by visiting their homepage. Just click on a category you’d like to search through and then read away. Just remember, you must be a member and logged in to be able to ask a question. Also, remember, when you’re finished, be sure to click on the Logout button to keep yourself secure.

Alright, I will leave you be now to go and explore AnswerPool. I hope you enjoy it and may you find all the answers you’ve been looking for!

~ Erin