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AOL Email: Forward & Reply Tricks

Did you ever want to forward just part of an email? You know, without all the previous addresses, or with only the relevant information? Maybe you want to quote the original in a reply. Well, today is your lucky day.

Both situations start off in a similar way: in the original email highlight the text you want in the forward or reply.

To forward the highlighted text in a new email just click the “Forward” button.

To quote the highlighted text in a reply click the “Reply” button.


Notice that a blue bar will be on the left side of the text in the new mail. You can prevent this by changing your mail settings. Go to Mail Options/Set Mail Preferences and select the “General” tab. Under “Quote Style” choose the “None” radio button.


You can add your own personal message to the new mail, make changes—whatever you want.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas