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Applet Defined

Applet Defined

We often use this term in our computer tips, so I got to thinking that it might be a good idea to tell you all what it actually is. How would you like that? Yeah, I thought you might be interested. So, here’s a brief definition of applet just for you!

An applet is one part of a software program that actually works within another program. The term is short for “application” and it is usually used to perform somewhat of a narrow function in a given program. An applet helps to provide further functionality and performance in a program that cannot handle more by itself. Applets are usually written in a complied language, which is unlike the HTML or script language you might be used to.

A good example of an applet is a Web browser. Browsers are often kept in restraints by certain default settings and the applets within a browser help its other capabilities to come out. For instance, a Java applet helps a Web browser to be able to show videos and other plug in formats. Many games work with applets as well, especially when there are 3D formats involved. Basically, all of the “cool” stuff you see on your browser comes from any one of the many applets available today. That’s the best way to describe it!

~ Erin