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Apply a Slide Transition to All Slides in MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: Apply a Slide Transition to All Slides with a Single Click

If you’re a person who likes to use transition effects when moving your presentation from one slide to the next, and if you favor consistency in your choice of transition, then you’ve probably found yourself looking at something like this…


while you select a slide, apply the transition effect, move to the next slide, apply effect, move to the next slide…

(Slide transition choices are located on the Animations tab in PowerPoint 2007 and on the Transitions tab in PowerPoint 2010.)

Well, you get the picture.

Or maybe you took the time to select all your slides and then applied the transition effect. That one isn’t a bad method at all – pretty efficient in fact – but I have one that might be just a teeny tiny bit faster.

The key to the idea is a single button, often overlooked; to the right of your transition effect choices… see it?


Yep, that says Apply To All.

Instead of moving on to the next slide when you’re done applying a transition effect for one slide, simply click the Apply To All button.

It’s that easy – 2 quick clicks – click to select a transition then click to apply to all – your slide transitions are set and completely consistent.

Yeah :)

~ April