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Applying Options in MS Office

When you’re in the Options dialog box for one of these newest MS Office programs, have you ever noticed this part of a section header? (You’ll notice that not all section headers have one…)

Even if you did notice it…did you take the time to investigate?

For many people the answers are no… either they didn’t see it or they did but didn’t take a moment to check it out.

Either way, I think that it’s time we took a look at the extra control you have over the options you choose.

If a section in the Options dialog box contains this field in the title, then you know that you have a choice as to where your changes should be applied.

To see them, click the down arrow to open the drop-down list.

Here you’ll find a list of currently open files, where you can have the program apply the new settings. Or, if you really like the new setting, you could apply it to all new documents created from this point on.

Next time you’re making changes to your options, if given the choice, remember to consider where the changes should be applied. It’s time to take control of all your options.

~ April