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Architect Plans To Build Entire House Using 3D Printer

This might seem incredible for those of us who have run into problems printing off a long document, but a Dutch architect named Janjaap Ruijssenaars plans to construct a home using a 3D printer to make the components. He’s designed what he calls a “Landscape House,” and he’s going to print it off on a giant printer that uses sand and a binder instead of ink. The output is similar to concrete. He plans to print it out in 20 by 30 feet sections and then assemble it like a big Lego project with any necessary structural reinforcement done on site. When finished, the house should look something like this:

Ruijssenaars describes the structure as “One surface folded in an endless mobious band. Floors transform into ceilings, inside into outside.”

I’m as unsure about how that would translate into a real-world structure as I am about the proper pronunciation of Janjaap Ruijssenaars. But you have to give him credit for trying. I can’t print out Christmas cards without panicking.

Ruijssenaars hopes to start printing out his house next year.

– Cynthia