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Are LED Holiday Lights Really Better?

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Are LED Holiday Lights Really Better?


With the festive time of the year the question comes up if new LED style lights are really better or just a way for light manufacturers to increase profits. LED lights use an electronic circuit printed on a semiconductor which when electricity passes through it emits light. LED’s normally produce a single color (usually cool white) and can have a bulb over the LED to color the light. Some newer LED’s contain a red, blue and green LED which when combined with a diffuser dome can produce many different colors in a single bulb.

 Positives of LED holiday lights


Lower power usage. LED stands use only a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent lights so the money saved in electricity if you run the light display all month long can add up.

Less heat produced. Because LED’s are very efficient at transforming electricity into light (they don’t use a filament which heats up like incandescent lights do) they produce a lot less heat. This can be a life safer as there have been many cases of fires on trees and other dry materials due to way too many tightly packed incandescent bulbs.

Very bright light. LED’s can not produce very bright very vibrant light which many people consider very pretty for holiday lighting.

String Duration. Because LED’s use less power more strings of lights can be safely connected to each other in series then with traditional incandescent bulbs.

Lifetime of the bulb. Because LED lights do not contain a filament the light sets can last a very long time and serve you year after years.

 Negatives of LED holiday lights

Burned out LEDs: Because LED’s are integrated circuits in many sets the individual bulbs are not replaceable thus if a light burns out you either need to replace the set or live with a bulb that doesn’t glow.  

Harsh color. Some people think the light given off by LED’s is too harsh and produces a very unnatural glow.

Cost of LED. Though LED lights have lowered in cost over the recent years they can still be many times more expensive then traditional incandescent light strands. Though you save power you end up spending a lot of money to purchase the lights offsetting a lot of that cost savings.


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