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Are Strangers Spying On Me With My Security Camera?

I’ve heard hackers are using home security cameras to spy on people. Should I be worried?

Answer:  A flaw in some TRENDnet security cameras was publicized last year along with links that allowed anyone who felt like it to click on them and look into the homes and businesses of thousands of security camera users.

People bought the cameras to secure their homes and businesses, but instead ended up giving strangers a good look at their offices and homes.

Especially disturbing was that some of the cameras were positioned over babies’ cribs or in playrooms where parents used them to keep an eye on their children.

TRENDnet  admitted the problem and released a firmware update to fix the issue. The also stopped shipping the affected cameras and notified retailers about the flaw.  But nearly a year later, hundreds of cameras can still be viewed online. The company says the problem is that many of the cameras aren’t registered, so they can’t contact the owners and warn them of the security issue.

If you use a TRENDnet  camera and are worried it might be affected, go to the www.trendnet.com/support . You can find a list of vulnerable cameras and the download the update that fixes the problem.

– Cynthia