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Are you a Twitter addict?

Twitter is a fast-growing micro blogging platform which allows you to send small 140 character messages over the internet to your friends and followers. As it grows, more people are becoming addicted to it and using it all day. Here are some warning signs of being a Twitter addict:

– Love it when new people ‘follow’ you on Twitter.
– Suffer mood swings when your Internet connection goes off, disconnecting you from Twitter. Or if the Twitter is down due to maintenance or other issues.

– You find yourself saying everything in 140 characters, in regular face-to-face meetings with people.

– You take to begging like never before – asking blog and website readers to follow you on twitter. And once they do, beg them to retweet your tweet.

– Slow down on blogging and speed up on Twitter-ing.

– Squat on Twitter all day even at the office, with the delusion that you work for your Twitter followers and not your company.

– Resort to ego surfing to see if your twitter name and tweets figure on twitter search.

– Your finger hitting Twitter’s refresh button every other second.

– Mark out your Twitter ID in all your emails, blogs and even print it on your calling card.

– Get your home page to point to your Twitter login.

– Compulsively experiment with newer Twitter clients and apps both on your phone and computer. Not to mention, blogging ad infinitum on all the kinds of – Twitter apps available on the world wide web.

– Squat on Twoogle, if only to search on Google and Twitter.

– Get all your family members to open a twitter account, so they can follow all your tweets.

– Spare time every Friday, if only to follow every Tom, Dick and Harry, thanks to FollowFriday.

– Call yourself the Twitterati rather than what really are, a doctor, engineer or writer.

– Bug your friends with text messages, asking them to follow your tweets.

These are 15 symptoms of Twitter addiction. Even if you’ve checked off 10 of them, you are a confirmed Twitter addict. Want to kick the habit? Wait for the next post on how to kick this habit in a few easy steps.

~Zahid Javali