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Are You Entitled To Facebook At Work?

A new study shows some people want access to their social media or else. Twenty-five percent of the workers surveyed by Intelligent Office said they wouldn’t work for a company that didn’t allow social media at work.

In fact one third of the more than 1,000 people surveyed said they spend an hour or more a day on social media at work. Which is not surprising since the survey also showed that 58 percent of respondents thought their phones and their tablets represented their personality. These workers demand choice on the job, 61 percent of them want to bring their own mobile devices (the ones that represent their personalities) to work and use them instead of that clunky old desktop provided by the office.

And if they have a desktop, 65 percent of respondents want the right to download and install software without permission.

 “Our Work IQ surveys have shed a new and often surprising light on today’s workers, showing they are rapidly becoming more flexible and mobile,” said Tom Camplese, Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Office. “The third survey shows that technology is driving this shift towards mobility, with just over a third of respondents saying they spend one to four hours on a smartphone or tablet each day. We have ultimately uncovered a dramatic shift in how people work today and how they want to work.”

You could also take it to mean than some people are just a little too attached to their iPads and their Instagram accounts.

~ Cynthia