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ARKive [1]

This is a site devoted to helping spread awareness of the world’s endangered species, by putting together an amazing selection of images and videos from some of the top photographers, filmmakers, and conservationists.

There are a lot of interesting ways to navigate this site. You can choose to click Explore by Species at the top of the page, which will bring up a drop down menu of species. You can click Explore by Geography, found right next to the species option, and then select a location from a pop-up map.

You can also search by species or media type with the search field on the right side of the page. Just type in what you’re looking for, and select the type of search you want to do (Species, Video, Images, or All) and then click the orange Go button.

There is also a lot of awesome featured content right on the main page. You can access the site’s blog from there, check out articles, take a quiz, send an ARKive e-card, and so much more!

Another feature I don’t want you to miss out on is My ARKive. To find it, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the My ARKive link. This will take you to its page, where you’ll find the information on the benefits of signing up (the ability to make your own image and video collections is my favorite), and access to the Sign Up Today link. If you decided you want to use My ARKive you’ll use that link to register. Fill out the form and their survey and then click the Sign Up button. Make sure you check the e-mail address that you provided on the form for your account activation link.

The photos and videos on this site are awesome! I hope you’ll take the time to check them out. I loved the cheetahs!

http://www.arkive.org/ [1]