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Army Men

Army Men [1]

Remember those little plastic green soldiers that have been around since the 1950’s? Well I found a whole site dedicated to them and why they are cool. Plus there are pictures of the army men, and a description of the different types.

This also describes the other sets like zoo, farm, cops and robbers, divers, and many more. This site tells you how to tell army men apart from miniatures, and action figures. How can you tell if it’s an Army Man?

“True Army Men are soft plastic toy soldiers (mistakenly called ‘rubber’ in some regions). They generally have the following attributes: Army Men stand 2 to 3 inches tall. They are molded in one piece, exceptions being special weapons or “ring hand” figures. They are commonly sold in plastic bags, with 20 or more soldiers. Larger lots are sold in plastic buckets or as boxed playsets with accessories.They are sold as toys, not as scale figures, miniatures, etc. They do not pretend to be accurate, detailed miniature replicas. They are the same cheap toy soldiers we have known and loved since the 1950s. They are generic ‘no brand’ toys.”

Have you read the rules of using army men? Or do you know the history of army men? Did you know that there are even Pirate men? This site is full of this kind of information. You should check it out! There are even tons of great pictures!

This is a great site, really fun and frisky, and full of army men!

http://www.thortrains.net/armymen/ [1]