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I’m just going to come out and say it, “Everyone can benefit from this week’s download.” Let’s put it this way, who reading this, has ever had a program uninstall or has had their system go bad? For example, has anyone tried to uninstall Norton AntiVirus lately? That can eat up a better part of your day, only to find that it’s left orphaned bits of itself all over your system. It also leaves behind some service that wants to run at the startup every time your system boots. I need to calm down before I work myself into a tizzy. Whew! I apologize, but these ghost remains of applications chap my lid and I hear about it all day from customers having this same problem. Of course, they don’t know what to do about it, because it’s so confusing and frustrating! Most people, I find have one of three options, with stubborn seemingly unremovable programs:

1. They have a friend or relative that is tech savvy to help them.
2. People will ignore the annoying messages by simply closing them out as part of the boot sequence.
3. They take it to a shop and have the program manually extracted at the coast of a computer tech.

With that being said, this is the perfect time to introduce one of my friends and soon to be one of your most used and prized applications. It’s called ARP++. Not to be confused with AARP, it will not get you a 40 percent discount at all Reebok and Rockport outlet locations. Instead, it’s ARP++ and it will take the trouble out of removing programs from your system.

Its creators describe ARP++ as an advanced version of the Windows Add/Remove programs. ARP++ can uninstall applications that Windows cannot on its own or may not even see.

Also, the program couldn’t be easier to use! When launched, the program simply populates a list of all installed applications on your system and presents them to you in a list. Once the list is ready, simply go through it and choose any entry you want to remove. Select Remove at the bottom left of the main interface and that’s it! Wow, how easy was that?!

You do want to keep in mind that this program does not ask you to confirm your decision, so make absolutely sure you want to remove the entry before hitting the Remove button. There is really no support or a Help file for the program, but you honestly don’t need it. The program has two buttons at the bottom of the main interface (Remove and Refresh) and that’s it. It’s so easy, my cat could use it if I let her back on the computer after last time!

The program doesn’t create a desktop icon, so you have to run it from the Programs Menu (Start, All Programs, Freezeware, ARP++) or you can create a desktop shortcut and make the process a double click away. I hope you enjoy the download and good luck getting rid of those unwanted programs. Wait, who am I kidding? You don’t need any luck with ARP++!

You can download ARP++ here.

~ Chad Stelnicki