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Arranging Desktop Icons

Do you have icons scattered all over your desktop and want them lined up? Or maybe you have them lined up in neat little rows, but would prefer them grouped in different areas of your desktop. We will try to satisfy both with today’s tip!

To organize scattered icons in Windows XP: Right-click the Desktop and select “Arrange Icons”. You’ll be presented with a sub-menu that’s chock full of icon arrangement options. I personally use the ” By Type ” option, since I have all sorts of different icon species residing on my desktop, but I’m sure that by name will be a very popular one.


For Windows Vista: Same idea here, Right-Click on your desktop and a menu will pop up, only in this menu the option to arrange your icons is found under “Sort By”.


Now, for those of you who DO want the ability to move your icons around, but they won’t move out of their current location, you may have them set to “Auto Arrange”.

For Windows XP: Right-click your desktop, Arrange icons by, and make sure the “Auto Arrange” option is unchecked.


For Vista: Once again, right-click on your desktop. The Auto Arrange function is found under “View” here.


Now you can move those icons anywhere on the desktop.

So, whatever your preference, we have it covered.

~ Steve