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Art of Science Competition

“This spring we asked the Princeton University community to submit imagery produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science. The response was overwhelming: more than 200 entries from nearly 100 individuals in 15 departments. We selected 55 of these works to appear in the 2005 Art of Science Exhibition.”

And now they are online where you can see them. Click the words “online gallery” to view the artwork. There are many interesting entries—you can even see who won the competition.

My favorite is the second place winner “Driven”. Although I will say I did enjoy “Sunset Wildebeest”. “M51″, and “Bridge”. Some of them were just too busy for my eyes but incorporated neat concepts of Science or tools.

Take your time and see the beautiful side of Science.

http://www.princeton.edu/~artofsci/ [1]