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Art Words

Art Words is a fun web application that allows you to select from a predetermined set of art words, or add your own to create textual descriptions. I was torn between calling this a web application and a game because it was so much fun to generate paragraphs of text. 

Here’s how it works: You select words from the alphabetical categories or add your own by clicking on the noun, verb, or adjective option. If I added any words at all, I found they were predominantly nouns. Then you set how many sentences you want it to form (the default is set to five). After you’ve made your word choices, click the Generate Text button to see what it comes up with! It’s really just that simple! 

If you want more information on how each step works, click on the bolded word instructions – this will make the instructions for how to use the application pop up. You’ll find tips on adding and removing words, determining the amount of sentences, and how to generate and print from your selection. 

For more information on the concept behind Art Words and what function it serves, check on the Concept section. Another interesting section to check out is More Art Words, where you’ll find a page filled with examples of words being used as art. The page is in German (I use Google Chrome, so I had the option to translate it to English), but you can check out the images without needing to read the text of the page. 

It was so much fun to randomly select words and then see what sort of sentence it would generate for me.  Go check it out!

http://www.art-words.net/# [1]