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I clean my PC out a lot. I clean my parent’s PC, I clean my uncle’s PC, I clean my neighbor’s PC, I clean my neighbor’s friend’s PCs, etc., etc. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I end up cleaning a lot of PCs. This is a normal part of maintaining a healthy PC and it should be done often if you expect top performance from your system. Now, when I say clean your PC, I’m talking about a number of things that when performed regularly and together, can really help your PC to be a dependable piece of equipment.

Removing unwanted programs, cleaning temp files and defragging your PC are all great ways to reclaim space and clean up your hard drive. Another over shadowed procedure that can help tremendously with reclaiming valuable hard drive space, is getting rid of big files. Files you have maybe forgot about or maybe just didn’t realize were getting so big. Who knew your My Pictures folder under the My Documents file was 6 GB in size?! Or, how about the folder you keep all of your MP3s in? Wow, there’s another 3 GB!

Typically, next to having too many unused programs installed on a PC, bloated files are the biggest space user that I run across. So, after I uninstall unwanted programs on a PC, the next step I usually take in a hard drive cleaning is to search for large folders and files. Once the files are found, I must determine what will stay on the hard drive, what can be moved to a removable media disk (CD or DVD) and what can be deleted all together. Perform whatever has been determined with the large files/folders, clean temp files and defrag. That’s a good hard drive cleaning. You will be amazed at the space you have reclaimed, which can translate into a longer hard drive or operating system life.

The reason I told you all that was so I could introduce you to this week’s download, called AssessTree. See, the techniques I mentioned above, such as defragging your hard drive, cleaning out the temp files and removing programs, that’s pretty easy to do. It can all be done with the help of Windows. Looking for folders by size can be a little trickier and convoluted in its process. I personally use a third party program, which I like very much, but I decided to see if there was something out there that could do the same thing, but for free. Well, I found one and it does the job quite nicely.

AssessTree can scan all the disk drives on your PC, including mapped drives. It looks for large folders and files and generates a report of the results. This report can be categorized by file name, branch (folder) size or a node (file) size, which allows the user to easily determine what files are the biggest and what/where they are. You can also get fancy with this program and apply filters to exclude certain things or look for specific file names. That’s up to you. Assess Tree is simple to use with straightforward results that can help you reclaim precious hard drive space. Add AssessTree to your list of cleaning software (or as I call it the cleaning crew) and use it the next time you clean up your hard drive. Go ahead and see who’s hoggin’ up all your hard drive room!

You can download Assess Tree here.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Chad Stelnicki