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ATI Eyefinity

ATI Eyefinity has advanced multiple-display technology with the introduction of new GPUs from AMD. This is compliant with the next generation DirectX 11 that expands our view of gaming, productivity, entertainment and uncovers a new realm of panoramic computing. A single GPU supports six independent display units simultaneously. The visual workspace is vastly expanded and offers the ease of multitasking. Gaming is more intensified with a breathtaking view and ultra-immersive playing environment.

Six Displays:

We can operate up to six high-resolution displays simultaneously and independently, also configuring in various combinations of portrait and landscape orientations. Multiple displays are integrated into a large desktop workspace that enables windowed and full-screen 3D applications, images, and videos to be viewed. Duplicate Mode operation and Extended Mode operation are also supported offering a comprehensive operating system support that includes Windows 7, Windows Vista and Linux. You can see some the usage scenarios as below:

3×1 Portrait display group

3×1 Landscape display group

3×1 Display group plus 3 Extended

New Paradigm:

ATI Eyefinity is a new technology from AMD, which has opened the door to new avenues of home computing and has simplified the deployment of many commercial solutions. We were using one PC, with one workspace that had spanned one or two monitors. ATI Eyefinity has evolved a new paradigm.


There are at least three new use models which had modified the paradigm cited above. We can see the new models as below:

1. Panoramic personal computing:

This model has many displays for a single person | single session interface. The single user is surrounded with multiple displays creating an immersive reality or information environment. There are both commercial and consumer applications. The commercial applications include simulation, design and analysis, graphic design, and more. Consumer applications include gaming, productivity and impressing your friends.



In this case ATI Eyefinity can be used to project different tasks on various displays or use all six displays as a single large display.

2.Crowd Computing:

This model has a single session with multi-person | multi-screen interface. At one moment many users enjoy the experience provided by single PC with the added benefit of multiple displays. The different users can enjoy productivity, videos, games etc., at the same time. This model can be thought of as multiple simultaneous instances of single-person | single-session | single-screen interface. This multi-monitor capability as provided by ATI Eyefinity is an important part of the puzzle, a powerful display adapter which extends the computer to multiple separate displays in multiple positions or nearby locations.


The third model adds the ability of each screen to have its own Input / Output and has a separate session for each user.

ATI Eyefinity is thus a combination of two or more display outputs operating simultaneously and independently from each other.

~Natarajan Kumaraswami