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Atmosphere Lite

Atmosphere Lite

Finally the same great atmosphere taste with none of the guilt!

Atmosphere Lite is a sound scheme program that has a couple of potentially cool uses and an incredible amount of flexibility. What I mean by “Sound Scheme” creator is that with this program you can create background sounds, for example I’m sitting in my office typing away while listening to a woodland soundscape complete with chirping crickets, hooting owls, and even a crackling campfire. Let’s say I get tired of the campfire scenario, easy enough I simply pull up Atmosphere Lite’s interface and within seconds I can change everything up. Select the preset button Coast for instance to listen to the gentley beating waves on the rocks in some tucked away tropical cove. You can further customize any scheme with a number of preset background noises for example add the sound of sea gulls in the distance, or the sound of thunder accompanied by the drops of a soft spring shower.

Atmosphere Lite is perfect for working at your desk, it fills the silence with the sounds of the great outdoors without distracting you from your work. Atmosphere light doesn’t stop there however, since all the sounds in the program are . wav files, you can make your own sounds and incorporate them into the scenario. Select the Custom button and you can create your own personal sound scheme using your own personal sounds. Let me illustrate; let’s say you take the sound scheme I was discussing earlier with the coast and the rain. Now let’s say you want to add the sound of a fog horn ominously blowing in the distance or maybe the blood curdling screams of a surfer as they are being attached by a shark. The sky’s the limit if you can get the sound bit into wav format then you can incorporate it into sound scheme.


Let’s say you do create a sound scheme you really like or maybe you would like to listen to it in the car or while your falling asleep easy enough you can burn the scheme to CD. You can take the sounds of nature with you, with Atmosphere Lite because it also comes complete with it’s own recording component, which has a few nice options of it’s own and it’s as easy as pie to use. Not only is this a nice way to create serene audio environments for your listening convenience, but you can also use these recordings in other forms of media. For example I make a lot of filmstrips with my digital pictures and give them out at the end of the year, I always put some sort of audio in my filmstrips, but sometimes music really isn’t appropriate. With atmosphere Light you can create a majestic peaceful background sounds that will enhance any filmstrip slideshow.

So break out the incense and assume the Lotus position and let Atmosphere Lite bring the sounds of nature to every corner of your life. Listening to the calming sounds of Atmosphere could be just what you need to keep your cool this holiday season while your driving around on busy streets jamming yourself into busy stores in nasty weather trying to get your holiday scavenger hunt done. Don’t you just love the holidays?

~ Chad Stelnicki