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AT&T Wants To Automate Your Home

AT&T wants to automate your home. The company is offering home security and automation services in 15 U.S. cities including Chicago, Dallas, Denver Houston, L.A. and Miami.

AT&T’s Digital Life offers security and home automation that you can control remotely from your tablet, smartphone or PC. The company says the Digital Life service can start your day by turning on you lights and your coffeemaker and then monitor your home all day with indoor and outdoor security cameras that you can access via your phone.

The system can also keep an eye on your kids, sending you an alert if they get into the liquor cabinet or other off-limits areas like a home office. It can even automatically unlock your door when you arrive home.

AT&T even pitches the program as a great pet-sitter, pointing out the system can allow you to adjust the temperature, turn light on and off and keep a sharp eye on Fido with a video camera.

The system will also allow you to unlock your door remotely, so if your expecting workmen, a dog walker or a babysitter to meet your kids after school, there’s no need to hand out keys.

But all this convenience doesn’t come cheap – packages start out with a $150 installation fee and $30 a month for a basic security plan and then tacks on $10 a month for a camera package, 10$ for a system that can shut off your water etc…  All the way up to a $70 per month plan with a $250 installation fee.

~ Cynthia