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Attaching Music

Attaching Music

A couple week’s ago, I wrote a tip on how to add background music to your e-mails. Many of you seemed to like that one, so I thought I would share another little tidbit of information with you about putting music in your e-mails. This is one you can do with any e-mail program as well. It’s not just limited to Outlook Express.

If you have a song or even a video you just have to share with a friend or family member, you can do so easily by simply attaching the file to an e-mail. Go ahead and open up your e-mail program, log in or just do whatever you need to do. Then create a new message to whoever you want. Go ahead and type in their e-mail address, add a subject and even go ahead and type your message.

When you’re done with all of that, go up to the attachment link in your e-mail program. This icon usually looks like a paperclip. Click on that and a window will pop up where you’ll have to search for the file you want to send. So, click the Browse button and find the music file. You can attach more than one as well if you want. When you’re done, click OK. (Or whatever your e-mail requires. Some may have another attach link).

That will set up the attachment and you can go ahead and send the e-mail. Your friend will then be able to open the attachment and listen to the song you sent. How cool is that?! Sharing music with your friends and family has never been easier! Go ahead and give it a try!

~ Erin