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Attention IE 7 Users: New Threat Found

Attention IE 7 Users: New Threat Found

Here’s a heads up for all of you out there who use both Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7!

On October 25, 2007, Microsoft announced that they are investigating a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 that allows hackers to remotely execute files on any given computer system. When this attack is completed successfully, the hacker can gain complete control of the computer and has the ability to access any files on that PC. Even more, they are able to send viruses to other computers.

At the current time, this issue can only affect you if you click a link that was written by an intruder, you have Internet Explorer 7 on your computer and you use the Windows XP operating system (yes, Vista users can breathe a sigh of relief). Because of this, Microsoft is urging customers to use caution when surfing the Internet and clicking on links inside of e-mails. You have to be careful out there!

There is currently no fix for this problem, as Microsoft is still investigating it and writing a patch. The patch should come shortly after the investigation finishes.

Microsoft is also asking customers to contact them if they feel they have been made a victim of this attack. For more details on this vulnerability, you can read the full Microsoft advisory here. Until next time, stay safe!

~ Gary