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Audio Readings

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Audio Readings


This is obviously from what I’m studying in college right now. I’m taking British Literature I this semester and I’ll take British Literature II next semester. The reason I’m sharing this is because I think it’s really cool. What you’re going to find here is audio readings of literature dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century.

I’m starting you out on the page with the literature from the Middle Ages, because I think it’s the neatest. You can hear texts read in the Old/Middle English, in the original dialect that they were written in. I just think that’s so neat!

Under each audio file, you’ll find the credits for the recording and any other information they thought was important to include. For example beneath Caedmon’s Hymn, you’ll discover that it is more than likely the earliest existing poem in Old English. There are several recordings from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales which he wrote specifically to retain the old spellings and dialect so they’re very interesting to hear read aloud.

You’ll need the latest version of Flash Player to listen to them. if you don’t have it, just click the words Flash Player above the menu for the time periods of literature you can listen to, and it will take you to the site to get the latest version. At the bottom of this first page are recordings that require Real Audio. If you click Real Audio, it too takes you to a site where you can download the latest version.


I hope you enjoy these recordings as much as I did! Thanks for letting me share my geeky side with you!



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