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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a nice way to further clean up your computer. It is designed to find duplicate files on your computer that are taking up valuable space. It has the ability to search for many different types of files such as: image, audio, video, archived, and application files.

Not only is this program really useful, but it is really easy to use. Above is a picture of how the program looks when you first launch it. From this main screen, you can choose what types of files you would like to search for from the list. You can also choose different drives to look in, such as external hard drives. To do this, make sure the drive is plugged in and functioning, before your search.

Using Auslogics Rescue Center

This program has a recover center that can be used to restore all changes made by the program. For example, if you delete a file that turns out to be a necessary file, you can recover it from here. You can also do restores from certain checkpoints the program creates. Each time an application is installed or uninstalled, the Rescue Center sets a restore point. This can be extremely useful for all users.

Overall, I found this program to be functional and easy to use. We could all use more space on our computers, and this happens to be a very easy way of achieving that goal. I would recommend this program to anyone who stores a lot of pictures and documents on their computer. Click here [1] for the free download.