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Auslogics Task Manager

Have you ever wondered what may be causing poor performance on your computer? Well, if you have searched out the answer for this, you may have been directed to your Windows Task Manager. Almost every computer user has heard of or has used the Task Manager at some point or another.  The built-in Windows Task Manager is enough for most people, but some struggle with its use. Thankfully, I have found a very easy to use alternative for this situation, and it is completely Free. It’s called Auslogics Task Manager.

Installing this program was a breeze, but like any other program, pay special attention to what you are installing. I was offered a few tool-bars and add-ons throughout the process. I already have my browser and computer set with my favorites, so I generally opt out of these deals. However, if you are interested go ahead and install them.

Upon initial launch of this program I was greeted with a very basic but very informative Window. Along the left hand side it displayed Applications, Processes, Services, and Locked Files. By clicking on each one of these options you are able to see what is going on with your machine presently. At the bottom of the window you will see a graphic displaying your usage overall. This program even provides you with a Rating and a Description so you know what you are looking at.

Along with all the features I have mentioned above, this program also provides you with some easy access to things like your Performance Monitor and Control Panel. Accessing these tools is as easy as going to the file menu at the top and selecting them from the list. The program contains a very basic help option available at the website for your use as well. Simply access the help menu at the top for further assistance including the reviews of this manufacturers quality products.

Overall, I felt like Auglogics Task Manager was another great program put out by this company. It offers ease of access to the Task Manager and would be a great addition to anybody’s machine.

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