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Auto Clicker Typer

It seems like in this day and age; computers should be able to do more of our work for us. Just last week, I was working on a project and I had to print 30 different web pages, and set the same special printer settings for each one. Talk about something being painstakingly boring! So, I searched for a solution and found Auto Clicker Typer, which is a macro recorder. A macro is a set of instructions for your computer, and Auto Clicker Typer records and automates mouse clicks and keyboard strokes in a macro. Your computer executes these instructions as if you were sitting at the desk doing them yourself! Try and think of some boring repetitive tasks that you have to do on a regular basis… Auto Clicker Typer can and will do them for you!

Auto Clicker Typer’s download page can be found here [1]. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find, Please Click Here to start your download [1].

Follow the simple setup wizard. In the final step, the wizard will ask you if you’d like to install a new search engine. If you’re not interested, be sure to uncheck the Install checkbox.

Double click the Auto Clicker Typer icon on the desktop, and presto, it opens!

autoclickertyper1 [2]

To become familiar with how to use Auto Clicker Typer, let’s learn the two main hot keys. Hit the Hot Keys button.

Here we can see to begin recording our macro we type Ctrl+Shift+0, and to stop it type Ctrl+Shift+1. These hot keys will save us time in making macros.

autoclickertyper2 [3]

Now we are ready for a test run in making macros. This macro will open the Control Panel for us.

First, hit Ctrl+Shift+0 to begin recording, then press the Start Button and then Control Panel. Now type Ctrl+Shift+1, and we are done! Not too hard, eh?

You’ll notice that Auto Clicker Typer translated our actions into instructions the computer can understand. To watch our macro at work, click the Play button and the Start button will click, followed by the Control Panel.

autoclickertyper3 [4]

Ready to give it a spin on your own? Just begin with the record hot key Ctrl+Shift+0 and begin your task on the computer and when you’ve completed, select Ctrl+Shift+1. Then press Play to test it out. Works almost like magic!

To save your macros so you can use them whenever you want, select Save List, name and choose the destination of your macro, and press Save.

autoclickertyper4 [5]

To open a saved macro, just select Open List, find your macro and click Open.

To save yourself some hassle, you can assign hot keys to your macros. From the Auto Clicker Typer interface, click Auto Script Keys, and this window will open up.

autoclickertyper5 [6]

Simply choose a key combination, and browse for your macro files to pair them up. Easy!

The last tip I have for you is if you want your macros to repeat on their own. For example, when I had to print 30 documents and adjust my printer settings 30 times, automatic repetition would have helped a ton. In the top right-hand corner of Auto Clicker Typer there is a loop function. Just check the box and enter how many times you’d like the macro to repeat.

autoclickertyper6 [7]

And that’s it; with a little practice, I know all of you can become macro masters! If you encounter any difficulties, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

~ Jay Neil Patel