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Auto Evolution

Welcome to Auto Evolution, where you’ll find automotive guides, reviews, and news! You’ll also find test drives, editorials, a BAC calculator, and more!

On the main page you’ll find the featured article, review, or cover story for most of the sections. You’ll find navigation options galore with both a side menu and navigational tabs along the top of the page. The categories on the tabs are: News, Vehicles, Test Drive, Logbook, and Sport. On the side menu you’ll find: Editorial, Cover Story, Auto/Moto Shows, Auto Guides, Crash Test, BAC Calculator, Glossary, Car Finder, Girls Only, and Editorial Team.

I found my way to this site in a rather unconventional manner. You see, I have this addiction to pens. I really love them, and tend to collect them. This article [1] lured me here and then I stayed for all the nifty car information. I was intrigued by the Girls Only section which was not what I was expecting (girls can only like this or that car), but was rather articles that are written to the female perspective from the female perspective.

I also found it interesting that they included the BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) Calculator on the site. It was interesting to put in different values and see what the results were. For example, if I have a Bahama Mama at dinner can I drive afterwards? If do drive, what will my awareness level be like?

And let’s not forget the Car Finder! You fill out the form with the information you know about what you are looking for, and the car finder will find cars for you that fit that description. This is a great way to check out and compare cars before you head to the dealership to buy. You can get reviews from people who have owned that vehicle, as well as articles that have been written about that vehicle on the site. Pretty cool, right?