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Autocorrect in MS Office

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the AutoCorrect feature found in the MS Office suite programs?

Yeah, I’m sure you have.

Most of the time, they’re helpful little changes in spelling or things like capitalization and we’re thankful to have the program looking out for us.

But, what about the times when AutoCorrect is making changes that we really don’t want or need?

Sometimes it’s enough to make a person want to turn the AutoCorrect features off entirely.

Oh, but wait, don’t panic and don’t do anything that drastic just yet. (After all, there are a lot of helpful AutoCorrect things happening all the time. You’d really miss them if they were gone).

The next time AutoCorrect makes a change you don’t want, stop where you are and Undo it.

Yes, I said undo. Your choices are to click the Undo button in the Standard toolbar, use Ctrl + Z or to select the word with the changes and use the AutoCorrect Options menu that opens to choose Undo.


Since the AutoCorrect changes are actions that happened after your information was entered, an immediate Undo will remove the correction and send you happily on your way!

~ April