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Autofill in MS Excel

If you’re like me then part of your usual work in MS Excel is to use fill series quite frequently.

Fill series?

Yeah – you know when you enter the first piece of data then use the fill handle to drag across several cells and then let Excel complete the data pattern.

Of course, once you finish you often find yourself clicking the AutoFill Options button to let Excel know exactly how you want the series filled. For example, if you’re using dates… fill in all dates, weekdays only, years?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the AutoFill options just presented themselves instead of requiring yet another maneuver of the mouse?

I thought so and thought I’d share the little tidbit of information that allows you to bypass the constant use of the AutoFill Options button.

Next time you start to fill a series use a right-click on the fill handle instead of the usual left-click.


After you drag the fill handle with a right-click and release it you’ll find that the AutoFill options shortcut menu opens immediately allowing you to choose just that much quicker.

~ April